Bio Sculpture Advance Level


Bio Sculpture Gel is the proven leader in appearance, health, durability, simplicity and ease of removal.

Bio Sculpture Gel training is essential for the aspiring nail technician to be equipped with the necessary knowledge regarding nail terminology and nail analysis.

All nail types and non-medical conditions are treated differently.

By selecting the appropriate Treatment Gels from the Bio Sculpture Gel spectrum and using the correct application techniques, the imperative knowledge gained will enable the nail technician to meet all expectations.

Bio Sculpture Gel offers the trained nail technician the opportunity to adapt nail treatments and procedures in order to accommodate her customers’ unique lifestyle and activities, and to treat possible nail problems successfully.

As a result of thorough training, all aspects regarding the wide spectrum of Bio Sculpture treatment Gels are introduced and can be implemented.

The advantages of using the high viscosity Base Gel, different Strengthening Gels and Sculpting and Building Gels are brought to bear, all offering the necessary nail protection and enhancement required, with Gloss Gel as the final finishing layer to all nail treatments.

Learn to master application techniques in order to achieve the desired nail shape. The correct use of buffs and files is also of the utmost importance.

The value of Gel Sculptures done with Bio Sculpture Base and Soft Gels when dealing with brittle nails such as peeling, flaking and layering is thoroughly explained and implemented. Lengthening even severely bitten nails successfully is possible by using silk and Bio Sculpture Base Gel on a Nail Form.

A well trained Bio Sculpture Gel nail technician will find it easy torepair a ripped or split nail by securing the tear with silk and Bio Sculpture Base Gel, or to lengthen short / broken nails to natural looking, durable nails by using a Nail Form and Free-Edge Gel, followed by a Gel overlay of choice.

The competent Bio nail technician will be able to correct a flat, scooped or corrugated nail surface, strengthen weak nails and add necessary support to long nails. By using the appropriate Treatment Gels, Gel Application Brushes and techniques, unsightly and problem nails can be rectified by building the Upper Arch of the nail into a durable and beautiful end result.

Bio Sculpture Gel has a wide range of beautiful, permanent Colour Gels, always keeping up with the latest trends and fashions. Our selection of French Gels will meet any preference to make nails beautiful, flexible and strong – naturally.

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