EVO Oxygenating Base

     Evo® BASE by Bio Sculpture has been designed to provide the best combination of performance and safety. It contains no organic solvents, formaldehyde, DBP or Camphor. Its long chain length polyurethane backbone was selected specifically to provide the flexibility and toughness necessary for product performance as well as to provide enhanced oxygen and water vapour permeation after curing. Maintaining the healthy exchange of water vapour and oxygen (O2) to and from the nail bed is essential for optimal nail health. Evo® BASE is a medical grade formulation and infused with Vitamins A and E.


                                EVO Colours

      The Evo® Colour Range consists of 50 fabulous colours, including 5 stunning MOOD COLOURS (click here to read more). Mood Colours are temperature-sensitive and change rapidly to reveal hot, cold or in-between shades!

All Evo Colours have a rich, high density formula, cover beautifully and cure perfectly in just 30 seconds! Expect 3 weeks of chip-free, high-gloss colour with each application.

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Evo French Overlay

Evo Colour Overlay

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